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PRN Guest Blogger: Louise Webster – Founder of Beyond The School Run 

On the blog this week we’re thrilled to welcome Louise Webster. Louise is a PR industry veteran, winner of “Britain’s Best Real Role Model”, and the founder of, a social enterprise dedicated to helping parents unleash their talents and skills for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of society. With so many PR Network associates working flexibly around their lives and families, we are fully behind any concept that supports flexibility. Over to you, Louise…

“I was recently on a visit to Portugal for a family break and the journey started me thinking about the importance and power of flexibility. On arriving at Gatwick we had to evacuate the airport, which led to an 8-hour delay, cancelled flight and lost luggage! This experience made me realise a few things. It’s incredible that we can travel around the world so easily, but often we take it for granted when all goes smoothly. What stood out the most for me – highly relevant to this blog post – is the power and importance of flexibility. When put in situations out of your control you have to adapt, change your plans and adjust your mindset very quickly. All of which children teach us when we become parents!


Learning to be truly flexible gives you opportunities to explore yourself beyond your natural habits, remove yourself from daily routines and sometimes unlocks skills and talents we didn’t even know we had.

I wonder whether we can bring these experiences back with us into the working world. Seeing the power of flexibility in people and their lives, I can only imagine the impact that greater flexibility could have on the business world. Ok, there is no doubt there is an absolute need for structure and strong foundations in commerce, as in family life. However to be adaptable whether regarding individual staff working patterns, customer requirements or strategies that need to change or alter – by allowing or preparing ourselves for flexibility in the business world we can grow stronger, leaner and better together.


I have come to appreciate the power of flexibility through my own journey with my latest business: One perfect example (connected to my first story) is that we originally planned our family holiday in Cornwall, but when we arrived, the hotel wasn’t what we had expected. As a family we had to discuss, change our mindsets, make our plans flexible and decide together to return home. This decision turned out to be the best we could have made. As we were at home instead of away I was able to focus on writing the business plan for a competition I had been shortlisted for, called ‘Britain’s Top Real Role Model’. I went on to win the competition, which is a huge milestone and endorsement for

I hope that developing a flexible attitude also takes you on an exciting journey. Follow our adventure (and share your stories) at – the place to inspire, engage and connect parents with the wider working world, in the hours available to them.”

Best – Louise

Follow Louise at @beyondtsr / @websterlouise and visit

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