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Friday, 8 April 2011, 13:35 | Category : General
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As cited in today’s PR Week, the results of the 2011 PR Census will make interesting reading given the state of flux our industry has been in for the past few years. I hope that in addition to polling PR professionals on diversity, income and fee levels, the polling company (Harris) will ask about the way in which people are working these days.

Technology and government backing should be driving a shift towards flexibility, project-based working and job shares. Hopefully soon the presenteeism and over-working which sadly characterise some agency cultures will be issues of the past as agencies wake up to the benefits of letting (senior) staff work in their own way. This will stop burnout, reduce churn and increase positivity.

We’ll be able to see the online survey questions shortly. I hope they’ll ask about average hours worked per week, whether people are working flexibly and if they have a good work/life balance.
I also hope we’ll see a breakdown between freelancers and those in employment, as we’ve seen a huge shift towards freelance working since the survey was last done in 2005 (coincidentally, the year we set up The PR Network).

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