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Tuesday, 18 October 2011, 11:28 | Category : General
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After a much warmer than expected weekend, yesterday was officially the first day that I had to switch the heating on for fear of losing circulation in my extremities. It is also the recurring annual point at which I regret doing nothing at all to insulate during the warmer months – from neglecting to invest in better windows, to once again failing to repair the zip on my leather jacket.

However, one thing that has broken the groundhog day-nature of the approaching cold spell is the fact that I am no longer in fear of spending the whole winter on the receiving end of the countless office-based bugs that will inevitably do the rounds for the next 3-4 months. Regular readers will be well aware of our blowing the virtual working trumpet, so this is not the place to go over old ground. But even if you ignore all the other benefits, the casual quarantine that remote working allows at this time of year has to be toward the top of the list.

No more sitting opposite the office martyr who, despite clearly being at deaths door, prefers to cough and splutter through the day, rather than broach the topic of home working with their boss. No more HR emails about the importance of washing hands, nor the joyfully distributed (usually client branded) packs of tissues for all employees. No more feeling like you have to be physically incapable of speech and movement in order to avoid spreading your own germs amongst colleagues.

Above all else, a pre-determined, clear and flexible remote working policy instils a level of trust and respect that is only going to make the best employees work even harder. Whilst many in-house organisations seem to recognise this, the majority of agencies still seem to fight it, in favour of the office becoming a breeding ground for bacteria come the festive period. Lovely.

So I look forward to the winter months, knowing that I won’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on Berocca tablets just to avoid the agency bug, nor witness the office diehards deteriorating in front of my eyes just to keep the management happy. And I’ll sort that jacket zip out next year…



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