Tweeting at the guillotine

Monday, 23 May 2011, 15:15 | Category : General
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If you, like me, are gripped by the whole super injunction saga, the next few days are going to make great arm chair twitter following. It all reached a peak yesterday with The Sunday Herald publishing a photo of the man at the centre of the gossip and lawyers threatening legal action against Twitter and its users. Today, Cameron has stated that he thinks the current situation is ‘unsustainable’ and it seems that English newspapers (mainly The Sun) are hoping to overturn the ruling.

This raises two interesting points in my mind. Firstly, at what point does common sense not prevail? I am no lawyer but surely the more you try to sue everyone the more interest you attract (as James observed in a previous post on this blog, superinjunctions have become a great way to guarantee not avoid controversy). No one likes a bully and the story has now moved from a man’s right to protect the privacy of his family to a man trying to stop freedom of speech. How can you win that? Secondly, who is going to be next? There’s a real sense of a revolution here and it’s moving at a fast pace. There’s Fred the Shred next on his way to the scaffold, who is following him?

It seems we are all happily knitting at the guillotine (or should that read tweeting at the guillotine…)


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