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 We’re pleased to welcome our first guest blogger for October who’ll be expounding the benefits of video in PR campaigns – a hot topic. James Taylor is an award-winning communications consultant and the founder of RM:TV, a specialist producer of online video content for PR, content marketing and social media campaigns. He’s also an erstwhile client and now a PR Network associate.


JT-profile-2There are many compelling reasons for using video in your online communication and digital marketing activities. Internet Retailer, for instance, tells us that people who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy than those that


A recent Forbes study revealed that 59% of C-level decision makers prefer online video to reading text because it helps them make deeper connections with suppliers.

Forrester Research has indicated that videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than text pages. Oh, and YouTube is now one of the world’s most popular search engines.

RMTV promo final 2 from The PR Network on Vimeo.

Technology means we can now communicate more efficiently than we ever have done, yet nothing is as powerful and persuasive as talking face-to-face. Those best at building consensus within large organisations arrange meetings or make the effort to bump into colleagues to discuss an idea or a plan of action rather than send a blanket email.

Practicalities mean that you can’t always talk directly everyone you wish to influence, so firms looking to communicate efficiently and effectively with stakeholders are increasingly turning to video, a medium psychologists find retains much of the power of direct conversation.

There is a great video you can watch that detail why video is so powerful here. Here are the highlights:
• The Fusiform Facial area of the brain is sensitive to faces. We are drawn to pay attention to them. This bit of the brain is connected to that responsible for emotion, so we are more likely to pay attention and process the information in a deeper way.
• Tone of voice provides context and meaning. This adds richness to the information and helps maintain the viewers’ interest.
• Video allows us to convey our emotions and feelings. Emotions are contagious, so excitement or passion in your video has a good chance of transferring to the viewer.
• Movement grabs attention. Video provides constant movement to retain the attention of the viewer.

Statistics and science show that video provides a direct and powerful way of sharing information. The mainstream media recognises this. Online news stories supported by video get more page views and people stay for longer. So many publications will now run well-produced video content provided by PRs to accompany a good story. The internet has become a low-cost broadcasting platform that enables brands to speak directly to their audience in a powerful and convincing way. Handle it with care! A poorly constructed video will distract the viewer from what you have to say and reflect badly on your brand. Do it well and you’ll benefit from a hugely powerful and effective communication device.

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