Superinjunction? Superflawed.

Monday, 9 May 2011, 17:38 | Category : General
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Whatever the rights and wrongs of super injunctions – today’s latest Twitterleak proved once again that it’s all a moot discussion anyhow.

With Twitter and the blogosphere making it possible to anonymously publish content (at will) those in the public eye that deviate from a wholesome path can no longer rely on a clean up operation from their legal and PR folk.

The reality is that super injunctions belong to a bygone world where print media held the power. Nowadays they will only ever serve as an expensive delay to the inevitable – and in the long run draw more attention to a wayward celebrity’s wrongdoings (Want to draw attention to yourself? Easy. Take out a superinjunction….)

Celebs that are really serious about protecting their own reputations will simply have to live true to their carefully crafted personal brands or otherwise accept the consequences.

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