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Flicking through today’s PR Week, one particular page made me laugh, and it had nothing to do with the ‘AV Yes’ campaign. Instead it was OnePoll’s advertisement on page five that made me chuckle. Not only did it take me back to those dark days of doomed research projects, but it absolutely exemplified what is so wrong about much of the research that goes on in PR, and reminded me of the legendary Anchorman quote in the title.

Sex Panther by Odeon

The main text reads:

‘80% of the UK’s top 150 PR agencies use OnePoll for their surveys’.

It just looks like it is asking for an asterisk and miniscule text, along the lines of:

* Statistic only applies 5% of the time. And ‘use’ means any time in the last 10 years.

Don’t get me wrong, some really great stories can come out of research, but for every one of these I’m guessing there are at least 20 god awful pieces that make it little further than the free newswires. I suppose it is always seen as a fairly safe and cheap option, but with 3-4 full page polling company ads per PR Week, it is pretty apparent that as a strategy it isn’t going to become any less popular any time soon. That said, it’s not surprising that a number of national newspapers now strictly avoid any PR-led research… perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

Let us know your thoughts. Are agencies still relying on research far too often? Have you been involved in any campaigns you are particularly proud of? Or perhaps you’ve come across something so outrageous that you’d like to share it with others that enjoy ranting about awful research stories.

We promise not to mention any names*. Have great weekends!

*90% of the time.

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