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Friday, 3 June 2011, 18:25 | Category : General
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“Do-ers/grafters needed” seems to have been the common call from agencies and in-house organisations over the past couple of months. Terms such as “get stuck in” and “nitty-gritty” have regularly been used in relation to the type of freelance support that is in demand.

The Easter holiday madness seemed to push some agencies to the limit with calls for AE level freelance support for as little as two days!? This may have been the most bizarre of demands, but it was not the end of these calls for very junior freelance support.
As you’re aware, our network is made up of senior freelance professionals and, whilst we will always do what we can to support good people at the AM and AD levels, to us the very concept of an AE level freelancer goes against the grain of what freelance PR should be about. Clients come to us for experienced and reliable professionals. Anyone freelancing at a junior level, especially AE, raises questions with regards their experience, reliability and dedication.

In my opinion, there are just not enough good freelancers out there at the junior levels to ever make short-term AE/AM hires a viable option for agencies. And in fact, when you talk to the organisations in question, what they really want is someone that can come in with little guidance and be willing and trusted to get involved in day-to-day PR work.
As a result, we are actively encouraging our clients to think outside the box when it comes to freelance support – highlighting that we work with a number of senior people that are just waiting for the opportunity to get back to the PR coal face. With budgets tight, we’re showing agencies that a senior freelancer with bucket loads of experience and media contacts to boot can offer much greater value in three days than a junior person ever could in five.

A “do-er” need not be someone that can do little else, so if you are happy to hit the phones and get involved, even if it is beyond your experience, let us know. Between us we’ll redefine the meaning of a Senior Account Manager.

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