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Wednesday, 6 July 2011, 10:01 | Category : General
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I’ve been reluctant to get into Twitter until now. I’ve got enough to do running a business and a house without having to add another task to the daily grind, I thought. I’ve tweeted under our company soubriquet a few times, appreciative of the need to keep our decent-sized following abreast of PRN news. But I don’t even update my facebook profile let alone have sufficient gems for a Twitter feed. Or do I?

Our new chap Marc explains that while it’s fine to use the company account to provide general company updates, this isn’t really the way to engage on Twitter. Companies don’t have opinions, or interesting things to share, or funny stories to regale you with. They don’t get pissed off and write amusing rants and they don’t endear you to them by sharing what makes them tick, whether that’s their love of the ukelele or their slavish devotion to Chelsea (Made In, or FC).

So along with some of the PRN team, I set up my profile (after I’d deleted the one I’d set up in 2009. Have patience). Then I stole a great list of industry people to follow from a fellow PR MD, added a few of my favourite journos, comedians and bloggers, and installed a range of Twitter clients across my various Apple devices. Then I settled into read, digest and cogitate.

Two weeks in – I’m a convert. I totally get why people love Twitter. I’ve read all sorts of things from all sorts of people, lured in to the maze of links and click throughs. It’s easy to lose yourself and go several stories away from the original tweet. So best not to get drawn in when you’ve got a mountain of work on. But I read interesting titbits daily about brands and technology that we come into contact with as a business that I wouldn’t have found in the daily papers. And also some important updates about the Whistles and Reiss summer sales.

Where I’m not doing so well thus far is in tweeting. I think I’m more of a lurker.
I do want to read what others are writing. But do they want to hear from me? I’ve dipped my toe in the Twitter ocean and tweeted about some good things I’ve read. I’ve also retweeted stuff I’ve found especially interesting / important. But I’ve yet to as Lady Gaga says, ‘show you my teeth’.

I guess as a business owner, managing the tragi-comedy of juggling work and home, I should have plenty of fodder. In the real world I have never had a problem talking (some might find the idea hilarious). At the time of writing I have 25 followers. Feel free to follow me – @nickyimrie, as I develop my Twitter voice, and I’ll try to stop being so shy.


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