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If like me, you’re suffering from the gluttony of mince pies over the festive season and have been tasked with the removal of a balding Christmas tree which dropped its needles quicker than Santa flew down the chimney, then you’re obviously in need of a good clear out.  It would therefore only be customary to set those all important New Year resolutions to start 2014 in earnest.  That said, I do find the tediousness of resolutions all a bit dull when you’ve broken most of them by the end of week one.

As much as I’m trying to bring order to my household, it’s also high-time that I made the same efforts in my work-life.  I’ve decided that the one thing I am going to stick at this year is banishing the swelling email inbox to 2013 and focus on streamlining how and when I communicate more effectively in my working life.  Don’t get me wrong, the likes of Skype, instant messaging services and online filing sharing technologies such as Box have already changed my life, but email continues to be the thorn in my side, especially when it comes to events.

I’ve already started off on the right path here, as I had the opportunity to speak to Ian Gotts a couple of weeks ago about his new venture which frankly is a bit of a god send if you’re juggling a few events at once.  Retrospect is a wonderful thing, but if I had access to an events package like this when I started out producing conferences many moons ago, oh how life would have been very different and less stressed.

There are a whole host of features that make this product worthwhile, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at the ZenAlpha site, but my reasons for using it are threefold:

–          Firstly – the interface is intuitive.  Now this might seem an obvious thing, but I’ve been introduced to a range of products and apps recently which say they’re user-friendly, but when it comes to actually using them, they’re far from it. ZenAlpha is simplicity at its best.  For every event you’re working on, you simply set up a folder, invite people you want to give access to who will be working on that event, set reminders of deadlines and so on.  It gets the event on the radar early on.

–          Secondly – it’s pretty good for collaborating.  Once you’ve got your folder set up for each event, you can share ideas and documents in it, track budgets and the golden ticket for me is that you can get all your supplier quotes managed through the system so you don’t have to wade through the emails to gather everything together.  A timesaver right there. It also gives you the option to assign team members to complete tasks

–          Finally – it’s free.  Yes nada, zilch, zero to spend.  I know that seems too good to be true but when quizzed, Ian assured me that clients who sign up during their launch phase will have no hidden surprises. So you really have nothing to lose.

So if you want to keep that inbox tidy this year and have a bevy of events to organise, it’s definitely worth a look.  Now where’s that email with my to do list….

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