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Thursday, 26 May 2011, 9:55 | Category : General
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It seems lately that everything is URGENT! Prospective clients want quotes and proposals by the end of the week. People want to meet up tomorrow to discuss collaborations and ventures. Emails should be responded to within 24 hours, if not straight away. That wouldn’t be a problem – if only decisions were then made just as fast.

As a small business it’s hard to push back as you want to appear obliging, responsive and efficient. It’s tempting to drop what you’ve been working on to fit in with the deadlines of others, even though these are out of your control and often dependent on third parties. Often this means PRN is successful in winning a project, as we’ve demonstrated how agile and keen we are. However the downside is that delivering the business strategy tends to get lost while we focus on meeting the needs of others.

Sometimes it really is best to say, “I can’t do that for you today, but would next Friday be ok?” And most of the time this is not going to be a problem.

In the meantime, just for today, we’ll be focusing 100 per cent on what we want to achieve for our own business. And next time before we drop everything to respond to another “urgent” request, we’ll ask ourselves if it’s really important to us.

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