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Jen Smith

On the blog today we’ve got Jen Smith to share her tips for getting social without giving up the day job. Jen is a Social Media Coach and Consultant based in the South East of England. Her speciality is in finding a client’s ideal customer online, providing value to them in the form of content and encouraging conversations and engagement on social platforms. Jen has consulted on the social media and digital marketing for a variety of businesses across B2B, B2C and the 3rd Sector, including the Royal British Legion Industry, Thomas Cook’s Hotels4u, Red Letter Days, Montezumas Chocolate and Simons Cat.

When you’re busy with work and you’re up against it with deadlines and projects, social media can be one of the first things to slip to the bottom of the to-do list. You forget to check in on Twitter and ignore your Facebook page until the task in hand is complete.

These breaks from social media, although seemingly necessary, can have a detrimental affect on how your audience perceives you and how they respond to you in the future – especially if the breaks go on longer than a couple of days.

We’ve all checked out a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated for weeks, or tweeted someone only to get a response a month later. It doesn’t reflect well on your business to leave your social media ‘shop front’ unattended. To continue to grow the trust with your fans and followers, you need to show up consistently.

So what can you do about it?

Well, fortunately there are some techniques and tools I use within my business to automate updates whilst maintaining live engagement and continuing to make real connections on social media every day.

Here are my 4 top tips to strike this balance:

1. Schedule your posts and status updates

buffer scheduled tweets on laptop

Use tools such as Buffer (free, up to a point) or Hootsuite’s schedule feature to write, and schedule your blog posts, events, news and any other updates you want to share on social media. You can link all your social media accounts to these tools and write bespoke updates that will be published at optimal times whilst you carry on with client work.

2. Batch it!

Scheduling is great, but if you’re going in and doing it every day, you’re not going to get that space away from social media that you need, because you’ll be thinking about what you need to share. So, give yourself 1 hour per week to sit down, write your posts and schedule them out across all your networks. Batching is the most efficient way to schedule your social media.

3. Set up notifications that work for you

social media notifications on iphone

Once you’ve scheduled your posts, set up social media notifications that work for you. By that I mean either setting up text alerts from Facebook, or pop up notifications on your phone or tablet. Set them up so that you get an alert when someone talks to you – either leaves a comment, tweets you or sends you a direct message. That way you can keep an eye on conversations and ensure you don’t miss anything important (like customer service!)

4.Engage daily


You can’t completely ignore social media, even if you have scheduled out your posts – because success on social relies on having conversations and networking. So I highly recommend once you’ve done steps 1-3 that you schedule 10-15 minutes a day to check into your social media accounts and respond to any comments and messages. Then strike up 3 new conversations with people – they can be existing fans or followers (it’s good to remember them, and not always be chasing new blood!) or people you’ve yet to get to know online.

It’s that simple.

So don’t take a complete social sabbatical when you’re up against it with deadlines. Follow these four steps and you’ll be able to maintain a solid social media presence in just 2 hours a week. These strategies can work really well, even if you don’t need to take a break from social media, so worth implementing now to help you get a little bit more time back in your day.

I’d love to know how you balance social media with client work, so please leave me your tips in the comments below.

Jen Smith

Twitter: @_jensmith




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