Joining the world’s largest virtual PR agency is pretty cool

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Some of the more ardent readers of Gorkana may have seen today that we announced my arrival into the fold of The PR Network.  In all truth I’ve actually been here since the start of 2014, and I’m already helping to grow the already impressive international footprint that the business has made across the world.

When James originally spoke to me about the role, I was at first flattered, that somebody would want to put my international client services skills to good use.  The next emotion was panic.  How I was actually going to make a positive difference to something that was already pretty good?

Now you might consider that this is about blowing smoke up the proverbials, considering my boss is probably reading this, but I do genuinely believe in the business model that we have.  Connecting the best freelance talent out there with clients who want their resources to go further and build campaigns internationally means a win/win for everyone.  The beauty of all of this is that there is most definitely the right associate out there for every client brief.  Where typically you would be restricted by the people in your agency under one roof, in a virtual environment, the world really is your oyster.  Testament to that is that we also work alongside loads of great traditional agencies too – to help fill their skills gaps.

The sceptical amongst you would say well of course you would say all this, but in fact it’s because I’ve sat on the other side of the fence as a Freelance PR consultant.  I started my freelance career back in May last year, as a means to exercise the rusty brain cells after my second maternity leave, as well as provide some flexibility around the children – a common theme perhaps given our last blog post.  This was my first introduction to The PR Network as a working professional and I was not disappointed.  The client briefs were varied, I still got to pitch as a team for business (despite being my own boss) and the attention to detail on client services was second to none.  So for me, it was a no-brainer for joining the team, considering I get to do a job I love and be flexible around the family.  Oh yeah, and the team are pretty cool as well.   So if you’re on the lookout for a fresh perspective on your international PR programmes or are unsure about venturing into the world of freelancing, then get in touch, as we’ve most definitely got the right associates and client contacts out there to build great PR campaigns around the globe.

Now then, I better get back to the day job…


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