Should Jobsharing be the next big thing?

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Sara Horsfall, founder of the pioneering Ginibee social Job Sharing platform, talks about the blocks to job sharing and how we can knock them down.

As the stand out win-win flexible working option, senior level Jobsharing has proven to benefit employers and employees alike for many years. So why isn’t it already mainstream?

A recent article by Jobsharer and PR Network co-founder Nicky Imrie, struck several chords with me. As someone who is dedicated to creating better solutions to work-life balance I absolutely agree with Nicky, Jobsharing is streets ahead of other options and should be more accessible. In this post I’ll explain why it should be the next big thing, explore why it isn’t mainstream yet and suggest what needs to happen for it to get there.

Jobsharing offers a “guilt-free” part-time solution
It’s great to see increasing numbers of part-time senior execs in the past few years and a huge improvement in the number of women in boards since the launch of the Davies report. However, many senior “part-time” roles are in fact 4 day weeks and whilst this is a gesture in the right direction, I find myself asking; is this truly part-time? and do candidates really believe it’s truly part-time? The reality is that a 4-day week is too similar to full-time and often leads to an unsustainable situation where “grateful” employees work full-time roles in four days and feel more stressed than ever. On the other hand the truly part-time 3-day weeks can create service continuity challenges for employers. Jobsharing is the only flexible working option that addresses both the need to create 21st century’s most valued commodity, Time (while remaining committed to career progression), whilst improving productivity and continuity throughout the working week. Jobsharing offers guilt-free part-time hours, where you have more energy on your working days because your days off really are days off. So why isn’t it mainstream yet?


Who’s going to make the first move?

Our most recent research, carried out in conjunction with Cambridge Judge Business School, involved six leading employers and over 200 candidate responses (in 24 hours) and revealed some eye opening trends:
1. There IS an appetite for Jobsharing (if it were offered); 43% of candidates confirmed they would look for a Jobshare role if they were available and 38% claimed they would consider Jobsharing simply if their employer offered it.
2. A “stalemate” exists between candidates and companies; 42% of candidates believe their employer would be unlikely to offer Jobsharing, 22% of candidates had never heard of it and organisations claim it’s not offered if it isn’t requested.
3. Empowering employees is key; Candidates want to be able to meet Jobsharers and know that this is an option for them; both within their organisation and externally.
4. It must be sustainable; Employers want sustainable solutions, avoiding the perceived hassle of setup and enabling one half to be seamlessly recruited, if required.

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What needs to happen?

Companies need to take action today to create accessible strategies that will attract and retain key talent across Generation Y, Baby Boomers and the Ageing Workforce. The first steps towards realising the benefits of Jobsharing (and validating or quashing perception), are:
1. Empower employees looking for part-time flexibility, to find Jobshare partners
2. Raise awareness of your support for Jobsharing as a valued approach to career progression
3. Offer equal opportunity to Jobshare partnerships

How can we help?

Ginibee’s social Jobshare platform, due for launch at The New World Of Work event in Cambridge on 24th January 2016 (tickets are available here) creates a new space for motivated individuals to create Jobshare partnerships. The public platform is the first of its kind to empower Jobsharers and allow employers to benefit from a sustainable Jobshare partnership without the perceived set up hassle.

If you would like to find out more about Ginibee’s Jobshare platform or sponsor the event, please contact



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