Granny really should teach us how to suck eggs

Tuesday, 8 November 2011, 14:30 | Category : General
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My mum is better on social media than I am. Fact. I realised this as she is now on twitter more often than I am and has a better grasp of various political blogs, breaking news and an incredible list of RSS feeds. She’s a one-woman live news centre. In fact, she’s gone as far as to say that (bar the religious commitment to Radio 4), she gathers most of her current affairs from twitter – not the papers. It doesn’t stop with the daily news either. Photos are uploaded to Flickr and Facebook and she’s partial to the odd music site too. Am I the only one who has a mum who is more tech savvy than they are? Why is this? Is it because her generation are quick to adopt new technologies and have seen such rapid progress and innovation in their time that this is nothing new (think TV, the birth and death of Teletext, the Internet, mobile phones…). Or is it that they have more time on their hands? Or because the silver (admittedly, ash blonde in this case) surfers have the time to peruse, familiarise and practice perfect social media manners? Or, perhaps it’s a combination of the two. I thought a post I read over the viagra summed it up the best. They argue that it really is just about good old-fashioned manners – something my mum has in bucketloads. This came through on my Linkedin alert (something my mum has yet to dabble in – but probably doesn’t need to as she’s not in the workplace). Definitely worth a read – a great way of summing up how we should approach and respect people when engaging with social media – 10 things your grandmother can teach you about social media:


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