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Wednesday, 13 April 2011, 18:37 | Category : General
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My previous recruiter ramblings got me thinking. Sure everyone hates recruiters, some recruiters out there make it difficult not to. But they are not the only link in the chain, and they are not the only party that can scupper good people going in to good positions.

The eventual employer may hold the ultimate power, but what some agencies and in-house organisations fail to recognise is quite how important it is that they sell themselves, as well as the more obvious reverse.

It seems all too easy for some businesses to combine their own inflated image with an awareness of a supposed stagnant job market and come to the conclusion that they will have the pick of the crop when it comes to new talent. Maybe some organisations have the reputation to attract all-comers, and maybe some can run candidates through hoops as a result, but not all are in this lucky position.

Many still fail to correct small things that can instil a bad impression from the earliest stage; inaccurate briefs that lead to poorly matched candidates, briefing so many recruiters that potential candidates are put off due to the desperate and impersonal nature of the approach, countless interviews with HR people that know little about specific sector demands, unenthusiastic or disinterested interviewers… the list goes on.

One PRN associate recently told me that they bought in to an agency before the interview started, simply because the receptionist knew who he was, knew he was in a hurry, and made arrangements for a return cab journey before he’d even sat down. It just shows how a personal and well-thought out approach can make a difference.

As far as we are concerned we are not just another recruiter and you are not just another candidate. Those that have worked with us are aware of this already. With those that have not (like the agency that just posted recruiter related information to the PRN address, but FAO’d a chap from another agency) there is still some way to go…

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