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This week saw the launch of #Feelmore50; the top 50 adverts for 2016 as ranked by (PRN client) BrainJuicer using its award-winning System 1 research system.

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To an auditorium jam packed with ad men and researchers from big blue chips and leading networks, Robyn Di Cesare, UK MD, BrainJuicer talked us through what makes an ad (both digital and broadcast) 5 star. What is going to make the most cut-through in an ever competitive market?

BrainJuicer’s philosophy is all about fame (brand recall), feeling (our emotions when we connect with brand) and fluency (how we recognise the brand assets; colour, uniform etc). They can predict the success of an advertisement based on these three factors – and their research is extensive.

By just a quick look at some of the best ads of the last 40 years, the methodology plays out. The jingle of Cadbury’s Finger of Fudge (bet that’s stuck in your head now!), the Nicole! Papa! saga of the Renault Clio and the humour and cuteness-factor of the Compare the Meerkat, and for this decade who can forget the Monty the Penguin ad that BrainJuicer defines as John Lewis’s best ever advert?

The rankings are there for all to see, but here are some highlights that prove the 3Fs of BrainJuicer are spot on:

Top ads for UK 2016:
1. M&S Mrs Claus
2. John Lewis Buster the Boxer
3. Channel 4: We’re super humans (the Rio Paralympics)
4. Cillit Bang The Mechanic (who can forget the cheesy ’80s theme)
5. Waitrose – Home for Christmas

From the research 2016 has seen a shift away from “sadvertising” to a more joyful, humorous tone. There’s a heavy degree of schadenfreude in most of the category winners and it looks like the ad men have decided that we the great British public, have had enough doom and gloom and want a bit of fun in our life.

Other trends that played out in the results are that a brand that makes you think too much and not feel as much isn’t as effective. Too much information, a heavy voice over – those ads don’t create long term brand building. Sounds obvious, but sadly isn’t always adhered to. Also, and perhaps no surprise, music is a “fluent” device – BrainJuicer found that an ad can go from a 2 star to a 4 star by adding a catchy or emotive tune. The success of Cillit Bang: The Mechanic is just one proof point.

Key highlights for me are and some I hadn’t already seen are:

Long form ads (over 60 seconds) – Evian Baby Bay
Short form ad (under 60 seconds) – Volkswagen laughing horses
Digital – UPS Driver Training Camp

If you are at all sceptical, these guys were pretty much the only people who predicted Trump would win back in 2014. They have track record and if this week’s announcement is anything to go by, they know their stuff.

PRN is excited to work with BrainJuicer on a global basis and this week saw the first phase of our campaign in the US, handling the launch of the US Feelmore50. For more, check out: http://www.FeelMore50.com

-George @georgeblizzard

www.FeelMore50.com / #FeelMore50



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