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6am: On goes BBC breakfast so I can see what’s going on in the world. If I’m pitching and something big has broken I can work out a new plan of attack. Equally, this often plays out in my favour and allows me to hijack news for my clients. I give myself an hour in the […]

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Just under a year ago I was nervously and reluctantly thrown into the world of PR freelancing with a lot of misgivings. Now, looking back on my first year as a freelancer, I can honestly say it was the best career move I ever made and wonder what took me so long. Up until February […]

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“If I am a storyteller it’s because I listen.” (John Berger 1926-2017). What is the nature of story and storytelling and how is that relevant to the organisations in which we work? The visceral energy created by listening to the cadence of cultural storytellers is mesmerising. It leaves behind something in you that’s never forgotten; […]

Social media is the source of a lot of frustration in the modern PR industry. I see many campaigns where it’s put in as something of an afterthought to the offline media event or as the tail-end of a TV ad campaign. The view is often that social media is not going to make much […]

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Recently I turned down a job offer. It was one of those exciting, potentially career-changing roles that only come along once every five years. Deciding whether to accept the role really tested me. It tested my values and what is important to me and fundamentally what is right for my family. That’s the thing, you […]

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PR is evolving and many businesses still only understand media relations, but it is so much more than that. Here at The PR Network we work to show businesses that it’s about building key relationships not just with the media, but with influencers, customers and businesses – as well as the in-house team functions such […]

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Today Ian is writing on our blog about how brands can now use a formal tool to avoid what is otherwise an inevitable PR nightmare… “You have probably heard about “the Sainsbury’s 50p challenge poster”. If not you can read about it here. In summary, a poster intended to encourage staff to get customers to […]