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10 weeks, 3 countries, 8 US states, 3,000 miles of driving, 2 weddings, and a beard later, and I’m back at my virtual desk(s). Early in 2014 I was very lucky, not only to marry the woman of my dreams and have a stupendously good wedding, but also to be given the chance to take a two-and-a-half month sabbatical by my PR Network colleagues.

San Andres Medillin

A USA Vegas to Miami road-trip was followed by the incredible national parks and beaches of Costa Rica, and the incomparable diversity of Colombia. I won’t bore you with the details here, but it was and always will be one of the greatest things we have ever done. We’ve not only returned with a new energy and impetus (a good thing given how busy we are at PRN), but also a much greater awareness of the opportunities that are out there in certain Central and South American countries especially.

Here at PRN we’ve spent a lot of time building our network in the Americas to match the needs of our clients, looking to make the most of booming markets like Brazil. But it’s only on visiting countries like Colombia that you quite how much growth and development there is to come, and how important these countries will be for global brands that perhaps in the past always focussed on safer European markets as opposed to broaching the unknown. You only have to look at a city like Medellin to see this change exemplified; 10 years ago the most dangerous city in the World, controlled by drug cartels and averaging 11 murders per day. Today, among the safest and fastest-growing South American cities, with a booming tourism industry and a food and drink scene that rivals the most popular European cities. And that’s just one city in Colombia.

These countries will continue to change dramatically year-on-year, and I’m looking forward to working with the best PR people on the ground in Sao Paulo, Bogota, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Santiago (the list goes on)… to ensure our clients are part of this adventure.

Speaking of adventures – back to my trip, and my top 6 places (not in order):

  1. Austin, USA – outrageously cool city. Think little London with better weather and better beer.
  2. New Orleans, USA – beautiful, an incredible history, and superb live music everywhere.
  3. Montverde, Costa Rica – Cloud Forests, volcanoes and the best wildlife spots of the trip.
  4. Playa Grande, Costa Rica – Secluded stunning beaches, and very little else.
  5. Cartagena, Colombia – Picturesque old town, blistering heat, and South American café culture.
  6. San Andres, Colombia – A very different Caribbean Island with some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen.




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