Are you playing to your strengths?

Thursday, 17 November 2011, 20:26 | Category : General
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We recently had a coaching session with the lovely Sam Howard of As If:

Sam is a PRN associate (and erstwhile client), trainer and PR freelancer extraordinaire. The session was based on using the latest psychometric principles to tease out what makes individuals in a team tick, and how that plays out to create an overall team dynamic.

By completing a detailed questionnaire, we were able to see how each PRN team member’s strengths lie in a particular area (and conversely, spot a few weaknesses!). Overall, everyone in business (and life) will fit into one of a few loosely defined personality types. It’s hugely important to know which, so you can put teams together, match team members to clients and share out tasks.

I won’t give away the crown jewels on how it works, what it shows etc, because to get the benefits of this training I recommend you get Sam in to lead a session.

However I will say that it was really refreshing and helped us all understand each other that little bit more. From a management perspective, we now know where our skills gaps are, who works best together and if there’s a job that needs doing, who’s best placed to deliver results fast (and who might procrastinate!).

Ultimately though, the point is that a team – and business – needs all sorts to work. One person’s strength is another’s weakness, and the idea is that by identifying who is good at what, you will become more effective, productive, and outshine your competition. You’ll also drive down staff churn, as although we all have to do a bit of what we don’t like (it’s good for us, don’t you know?) if you get employees doing more of what they enjoy, of course they’ll stick around longer.

Make sense? We think so. Give Sam a ring to find out if you are a red, a blue, a yellow or a green – or a funny looking mix of them all.


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