Anyone for stamp licking?

Friday, 4 February 2011, 17:12 | Category : General
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As someone who recently hit the home stretch of thirtydom I’ve found myself wondering how my PR career would have panned out if I’d been born ten years later.

How exciting it must be to be part of PRs’ Generation Y – with the wealth of opportunity (and fun) that social media has opened up to our industry. Larking about on Youtube and Twitter? That’s not a job. Telexing; faxing press releases, phoning cranky journalists and stuffing envelopes. Now that’s a job. Junior PRs just don’t know they’re born.

Actually, I (and, I assume my peers) probably wouldn’t change a thing. Because unless you’re blind you’ll have noticed that it’s a pretty tough time for anyone joining – or trying to join – this or any other profession; graduate employment is at an all time low, salary and promotion freezes are commonplace, redundancies are the order of the day (last one in ….).

Not to mention the wider economic picture that makes it even tougher for young people to afford anywhere near the same trappings as Generation X (I’m sorry? You’d like a mortgage sir??).

So bravo PR Week for leading on ‘interngate’ this week. This practice of well paid, profitable firms using swathes of unpaid graduate labour is cynical; advantage taking and needs to stop. It will only serve to make this industry even harder to break in to. And, moreover, exclusive to those whose families can afford to support their (already debt laden) children in long term unpaid positions.

There. Feel better now.

Generation Y? No thanks. Anyone for stamp licking?

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