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I found Anthony Hilton’s opinion piece (PR Week 21.10.11) a little surprising. I don’t doubt his claims that companies need to question how, when and where to engage with social channels. After all PR folk have been teaching clients to pick their battles and focus their resources where it counts for many a year. This […]

Friday, 21 October 2011, 10:43 | Category : General
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I read Daryl Willcox’s Tuesday article on online PR mag “Behind the Spin” about the growing gap between PR firms’ digital capabilities with interest: Daryl (with credit to digital specialist Andrew Smith), notes a growing polarisation in our sector. There are agencies in the ‘fast lane’, who might be classified as those embracing search, […]

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After a much warmer than expected weekend, yesterday was officially the first day that I had to switch the heating on for fear of losing circulation in my extremities. It is also the recurring annual point at which I regret doing nothing at all to insulate during the warmer months – from neglecting to invest […]

Thursday, 6 October 2011, 12:07 | Category : General
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Really excited to read Bite Communications (disclosure: my old agency and PRN client) has launched a Bite Consulting division in Europe, aimed at supporting marketing managers across the region with all of their communications needs. The division is looking after marketing, sales and channel communications including; point of sale programmes, above and below the line, […]