PRN takes on UK launch for Mrs Wordsmith

Thursday, 23 November 2017, 23:35 | Category : General
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The PRN team are delighted to be working with new educational aid brand Mrs Wordsmith, the world’s most effective vocabulary programme. Mrs Wordsmith brings words to life by making word associations hilariously illustrated by the artist behind the hit animation “Madagascar”. The London-based company was set up in 2016, after its founder Sofia Fenichell concluded there was a better way for kids to learn the 10,000 words that matter to supercharge their literacy skills and set them up for success in life.

Mrs Wordsmith has produced a simple set of word cards with help from experts at Cambridge University, designed to boost your child’s vocabulary exponentially by creating word associations. It’s been proven that a broad and rich vocabulary is the key to expanding a child’s horizons in terms of their performance at school (and beyond).

By teaching associations with ‘key’ words in 6 workbooks designed to be completed over about 6 months, Mrs Wordsmith allows kids to expand their horizons quickly and easily. Mrs Wordsmith products are aimed at 7 – 12 year olds (years 2 – 7), and are suitable for children with dyslexia. They work with the UK national curriculum and are endorsed by teachers.

With 14 kids in the PRN family, we are looking forward to helping our kids improve their vocabularies over the next few months and perhaps surprising us with a few choice words!


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